Dear fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors,

“Imagine Rotary” − our theme this year, let’s put our heads together to make this world a better one for all; let’s dream big and leverage our connections and the power of Rotary to turn big dreams into reality. 

No doubt we are facing a fast-changing world in these couple years.  Instead of viewing this as an adversity, I see this as an advantage we are building for ourselves.  We have become so comfortable switching between online and on-site meetings as the situation calls for.  Staying flexible is the key to adapt and retool so as to fit into the new norms.  We need to rethink our service delivery model. 

Doing Things Differently – Empowerment of New Generation, New Club Models, Innovative Approach

Empowering the new generation is of paramount importance, it means giving them our ears to understand the challenges they are facing.

We will introduce Virtual Rotary Exchange (VRE) for our youth to connect to the world, develop international understanding and widen vocational learning experiences.   

Another aspect is adopting new club models and recruiting younger members.  Satellite Clubs, Corporate Club Membership, and Cause-based Clubs are areas to be further developed.  We shall exercise our imagination in our District and develop approaches that would make these new club models work.

We are taking important steps to adopt enhanced digital tools for member engagement. My vision is to refine the Registration Platform for all District events.  An interactive e-directory has been prepared for everyone. Simply update your personal profile with your photo, let Rotarians recognise you. This e-Directory provides for each member an e-Name Card which by scanning a QR code, you can save new contacts in your mobile phone. Please enjoy this instant access to enlarge your Rotary network through your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Our creativity and innovation shouldn’t stop here.  We have been innovative in our service delivery during the pandemic years.  We should continue to develop new ways of planning and delivering services that would suit the ever-changing world. Dream BIG, dare to be different, and put in our efforts to test and experiment – that’s what we in our District would excel in.

In Rotary, we serve to change lives.  Embracing change helps us to stay in touch with what’s going on around us.  We welcome further ideas on how we can create more innovative and impactful services. “You can’t build an adaptable organization without adaptable people.” (Gary Hamel). 

With colossal imagination, the sequel to making a better world is simply beyond our imagination. Let the Rotarian spirit lives on!