The District Community Service Committee (DCSC) exists with the main objective of facilitating Rotary Clubs (clubs) in planning and organizing their community service projects.

Roles of clubs and the DCSC in community service projects

A. Clubs

Community service projects (projects) are best led and grown by clubs, where expertise, continuity and hence sustainability could be best maintained. To grow/expand the scale of projects so that more people can be benefited and the projects become more impactful, clubs may wish to achieve project enhancement through acquiring more manpower and financial resources. This could be done through collaboration with other parties both within and outside Rotary:

(i) Within Rotary, clubs may seek collaboration with other clubs within D3450 and in other Districts. Financial support may also be obtained from The Rotary Foundation (TRF) through application for grants.
(ii) Outside Rotary, clubs may seek collaboration with other NGOs, and also team up with other NGOs to apply for corporate or government funding.


The DCSC plays mainly the facilitating role in regard to projects conducted by clubs, and may seek where necessary the support and collaboration of other district officers and district committees. The DCSC encourages clubs to conduct projects jointly with other clubs, and also other family units in Rotary including Rotaract Clubs, Interact Clubs and Rotary Community Corps, both within D3450 and in other districts. Where appropriate, the DCSC will give advice and assistance to clubs in their endeavors of seeking collaboration with other clubs, other districts and other NGOs, including the application for funding from TRF and corporate or government sources.

What projects to choose

The following attributes are worthy of consideration by clubs in selecting what projects to do:

  • Does it address the pressing needs of the community?
  • Does it engage members of other Rotary family units such as Rotaract, Interact and Rotary Community Corps?
  • Does it engage other clubs, whether in the same district of other districts?
  • Does it engage non-Rotary partners?
  • Does it have built-in vocational elements of benefit to participants?
  • Does it enhance Rotary image?
  • Is it innovative in the design and/or means of implementation, meeting the theme of IMAGINE Rotary?
  • Does the service belong to one of the seven Areas of Focus of Rotary?

Committee members you can contact for advice/assistance

The DCSC comprises the following members, and clubs are welcome to contact them for advice/assistance: