By Committee Chair PDG CP Eric Chin

Targets and Objectives

1. Each Club, District Officer and President ‒ Each One Bring One

2. District Installation Month July & August 2022 ‒ Induct 60 new members

3. Charter 2 New Cause-based Clubs/Satellite Clubs and Rotaract Clubs

4. 60 members by year end June 30, 2023

5. Club(s) under 20 members to be improved from 28 to 23.


1. Diversify member sources:

 JCI, Toastmasters, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Alumni and Rotaract

2. Engage Each Member for Better Retention

Membership Drive Incentive

1. Charter a New Club Incentive

 Award HK$7,800 (US$1,000) upon charter ceremony

2. Induct a New Member

 Female Member Young Member (aged 35 or under)

 Award HK$1,000 (US$128)

3. A member who is over aged 35

 Award HK$ 800 (US$100)

 Award to the Club in two stages:

 Before End of January 2022 and July 2023

Subject to Terms and Conditions


Charter President Academy – September 2022 to April 2023

New Members Orientation – October 2022,  Jan & Mar 2023

Fellowship –  Happy Hour

November 2022 

February 2023

District Membership Committee Structure

Chair: PDG CP Eric Chin

Advisers: Zone 9 ARC Wilson Cheng, PDG YK Cheng,

 PDG Jason Yeung, PDG Eugene Fong, CP CN Ma

Ex-Officio: DG Norman Lee, DGE Andy Li, DGN Nigel Lo

Deputy Chair: CP Jimmy Lau

Vice Chair: PP Elsa Wong

Vice Chair: Eliza Fan

Vice Chair: PP Sam Sio

Vice Chair: CP Alvin Lam

Vice Chair: PP Sayako Yeung

Vice Chair (Macau): CP Kent Lao

Vice Chair (Mongolia): PP Damdindorj Dashdavaa

1. Attract New Member Team

PP Sayako Yeung, PP Alex Lau,  IPP Flora Tsang, IPP Ronald Kan, 

 2. Engage and Retention Team

PP Sam Sio, PP Imy Lai, William Yim, Winky Barsin

3. Develop New Club Team (CP Academy):

CP Jimmy Lau, CP Alvin Lam, PP Elsa Wong, PP Peter Pang