This year marked our District’s first successful attempt to host virtual training for all training seminars, including District Team Training Seminar (DTTS), Presidents-elect Training Seminar (PETS), and District Training Assembly (DTA).

The then District-elect Norman Lee has taken the decision to prioritize the health and safety of our Rotarians by moving all the training seminars to a virtual format. A total of twelve virtual training sessions were held in Hong Kong, Macao and Mongolia with simultaneous interpretation for almost all sessions.

These trainings, which were conducted by the experience trainers and speakers, prepared Presidents-elect, District and Club Officers for their respective roles and introduced our organization’s priorities for the coming year. The seminars also featured engaging and informative programs, designed to appeal to their diverse interests and experiences.

Even though all trainings were held online, there were still ample opportunities for fellow participants to get to know each other, build relationships and explore new ideas that may lead to project partnerships or exchanges. 

During each live and interactive breakout sessions, participants were encouraged to introduce themselves and share club experiences – how their club raised funds, planned projects, and engaged members. Participants were able to learn a lot from one another and gained access to important resources that inspire them with great ideas and innovative strategies.

Participants were also encouraged to take part in the digital learning platform (Rotary Learning Center) before and after the virtual live sessions.

We are glad to receive positive feedback from participants about the new training model, indicating that it can enhance our efficiency, increase the ability of participants to access support, and provide new ways to make schedules more manageable.

We are thankful to DTTS Co-Chairs PP Vicky Woo and PP Dominic Wai, PETS Chair PP Menza Chu and DTA Chair PP Cassy Cheng and their respective Organizing Committee for their significant efforts and perseverance in putting together these successful trainings. It was also a great learning for all involved including trainers and speakers to venture into the new digital era and gain valuable experience on virtual training.

Let us Imagine the power of Rotary and go forth to serve!


By DS Dominic Wai, DTTS Co-Chair 2022-2023, Rotary Club of Star Avenue

I am honoured and learned a lot to be the co-chair with PP Vicky Woo in organizing the first ever virtual District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) in District 3450. We managed to have over 120 participants on day 1 of the training with also the attendance of many PDGs for the whole morning. Due to the pandemic we were not able to have the training in person but we managed to have breakout sessions for District Officers and Committee Chairs on other days and overall covering the Imagine Rotary theme and all key areas of focus for this Rotary year. Let’s hope that we will have a physical DTTS very soon.


By PP Menza Chu, PETS Chair 2022-2023, Rotary Club of Soho Hong Kong

Presidents-elect Training Seminar, PETS is an official training event in Rotary which offers a chance to inspire and prepare the incoming club presidents before they take up their new role in their Rotary clubs. I would like to thank District Governor Norman Lee for entrusting me with an important role as PETS Chair 2022-23. With the guidance of PDG Ada Cheng, our District Trainer, DG Norman and the OC team, we tailored the PETS to suit the training needs of the presidents (2022-23) in March and April 2022. We  invited a number of speakers, including district leaders, experienced Rotarians and Rotaractors to share experience of being a club leader and information they needed to know.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we may not be able to group participants together to join face-to-face training. In thoughtful consideration of the infection risk, the entire PETS was converted to a first-ever online mode by Zoom meeting. To equip Presidents-elect with basic knowledge,they  were required to complete the online course in the e-learning centre available in MyRotary of  RI prior to the PETS as a prerequisite to attend the PETS. To facilitate understanding and communication, we have offered simultaneous interpretation throughout the sessions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our late PP Amy Leung (Rotary Club of Bayview Sunshine HK) and PP Vicky Woo (Rotary Club of Island Green) for their dedicated service.

On top of PETS I and PETS II held on 19 March and 23 April 2022 respectively, there were two Breakout Sessions scheduled in-between two main PETS sessions to facilitate more discussion on their action plan to work in line with the RI and District focus among Presidents-elect and their respective Assistant Governors. We also invited a few past presidents to share their experience in leading the clubs, including Past President Elvo Sou (Rotary Club of Macau), DS Leo Yu (Rotary Club of Island East), Past President Francis Chan (Rotary Club of New Territories), DDS Eddy Lo (Rotary Club of SoHo HK and IPP Flora Tsang (Rotary Club of Star Avenue). We are so delighted to listen to their sharing of their invaluable experience. Altogether, there were over 100 dedicated PEs attending the PETS from Hong Kong and Macau. I would like to thank all district leaders, especially incoming Assistant Governors, for preparing their Presidents-elect and facilitating the discussion among themselves.

We never forget the training needs in Mongolia. With the help of AG Kema, AG Galbadrakh, IPAG Migaa, Past AGs and their trainer CP Anu, we specially arranged and designed another two sessions for PEs in Mongolia, viz. PETS I Mongolia and PETS II Mongolia held on 9 and 10 April 2022. All district leaders and 17 PEs in Mongolia were gathered together at a training venue in Ulaanbaatar, namely the library of Shine Mongol School during the 2-day PETS. Their passion and commitment to learn is much appreciated.

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Organizing Committee members and all invited speakers. Special gratitude should be expressed to the IT team, especially CP Joseph Leung for their prompt and staunch support. In fact, each and every one of our Organizing Committee members is amazing.  Despite simple words, may I say thank you for everything you’ve done for the PETS.


By PP Cassy Cheng, DTA Chair 2022-2023, Rotary E-Club of D3450

The District Training Assembly is an annual event which aims to provide updated information on Rotary International and District focuses for our President elects, incoming club officers, district officers and committee chairs to further develop leadership skills and prepare them for a fruitful Rotary year.  

Unlike in previous years in which the event was held for one full day, this year it was split into two days. For one, we do not want to overwhelm the participants with a whole day of learning, and secondly, the fifth wave of pandemic disrupted our original plan for physical training to satisfy the longing of many to see one another after a long-time of isolation.  But as plans had to accommodate for ever changing circumstances, we eventually settled on a 2-day online training format.

The 2-day online 62nd District Training Assembly for District 3450 was successfully concluded with many first-ever attempts: –

  • The first-ever Guest of Honour from Macau, our remarkable Past District Governor Nuno Jorge (1985-86) who shared his extensive Rotary experience with our participants online;
  • The first-ever online DTA with over 600 registrants and 582 participants attended virtually & physically from Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia and Shenzhen;
  • The first-ever online breakouts sessions with 10 different sessions for which practical and useful information were delivered to match different participants’ needs;
  • The first-ever online voting process with 94 voting delegates within the District;
  • The first-ever online simultaneous translation from English to Cantonese and English to Mongolian for our multilingual participants;
  • The first-ever Mongolian Trainers conducting Breakout sessions in Mongolian for their own region;

It was indeed a big challenge to conduct the training totally online in Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia and China. Not only did we have to cope with updated knowledge of Information Technology, but also need to pay attention to the differences between physical and visual trainings.  The Organizing Committee and all the trainers have been so professional and devoted in working together diligently and act beyond imagination.

Thank you so much for the hard work of the moderators of each breakout session who were devoted to their work and put in much time in preparing their materials.  Last but not the least, the ardent participation of our beloved President Elects and the Club Officers are most admired and greatly appreciated.

Physical Training was held in Mongolia simultaneously