Going Forward

In this Rotary Year under the RI theme of “Imagine Rotary”, DG Norman outlines some District Youth Service focuses and expectations as follows:

  • Due to the change in Rotary International’s policy, starting from July 1st, 2020, Rotaract has been elevated to one of the forms of membership in Rotary.  Rotaract is a separate membership type in Rotary starting this year and will not be a target for service. Membership data for regarding Rotaractors in our District need to be organized and submitted to RI as Rotaractors will start paying RI dues starting from January 2023.
  • Will recruit more Rotaractors for youth services this year and invite non-Rotary families to participate.
  • Rotary set up the “Youth Protection Committee” to ensure a safe environment for all youths who participate in Rotary’s activities. All the Clubs in the District will need to be familiar with RI’s Youth Protection Policy and make sure that when performing youth services, the volunteers will follow the youth protection guidelines. Also, RYLA and Peace camps need to follow youth protection guidelines.
  • Rotary Youth Exchange may be promoted to introduce overseas friends to Hong Kong for cultural exchange and vocational prospects.
  • The meeting formats can be both physical and virtual going forward. Emphasis will be placed on physical meetings first, but if the situation doesn’t allow it, then virtual meetings may be held as a backup. Both formats can be complementary to each other.

1. Rotaract

  • Building more bridges between Rotary and Rotaract by inviting Rotaractors to participate in more Rotary activities
  • Changing friends of Rotaractors from followers to members.
  • Promoting interaction between Rotaractors and Interactors
  • Encouraging Rotary Clubs to sponsor a Rotaract club

2. Interact

  • Consider guiding Interactors to be Rotaractors and teaching them the correct value system and to bridge the gap = between Interact and Junioract
  • Organizing “Best Interact Club Service Project Award” this year
  • Encouraging international understanding for Interactors to broaden their horizons

3. Junioract

  • Hope to grow the number of clubs to 20 clubs and expand Junioract to Macau and Mongolia
  • Encourage Junioract Clubs to have overseas sister clubs
  • As Junioractors  are  primary  students,  many  of  them  are concerned about secondary schools admissions. As such, we can plan to organize career development talks for Junioractors to help them achieve their educational goals

4. Rotary Youth Exchange

  • We hope to have physical youth exchanges this year
  • Clubs are encouraged to promote Youth Exchange within Rotary by asking alumni of Youth Exchange to do sharing in Rotary Clubs and help other Clubs to submit their applications

5. Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)

  • RYLA in May or June 2023
  • RYLA theme for this year –“Leadership Through the Power of Imagination”
  • Encourage more people to participate in RYLA

6. Youth Protection

  • As RI has a clear policy on Youth Service, Clubs engaged in youth services should have a Youth Protection Officer and comply with the policy.
  • Online Academy has courses on Youth Protection Policy and we encourage all Club Officers to enroll in these courses.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of Youth Protection in District events