Health Committee cares about the health issues in our community. This Rotary Year, we will mainly focus on SIX areas:

Blood Donation Campaign

One blood donation can save up to 3 lives. Blood donation is easy and harmless. And ultimately, it can save precious lives.

CPR & AED Training Campaign

We never know when things will go wrong, but we can equip ourselves all the time. Learning CPR and how to use AED allows us to save the lives of people who develop sudden cardiac arrest, as every minute counts in terms of survival rate.

Health Seminar

Learning more about different diseases helps us to take good care of ourselves and our beloved ones. It also helps stop misunderstanding or even discrmination. Both physical and mental health issues relating to COVID have received increasing concern. Let’s show our care to ourselves, to our surrounded ones and to our community.

Vaccination Campaign

Rotarians will continue to engage the community for COVID vaccination, and our Rotarians who are health professionals will continue to help in providing both health advice and hands-on injection for the community that may otherwise have difficulty accessing the vaccination, such as elderlies who live alone and children with disabilities. With these measures, we hope to contribute to boosting the vaccination rate in Hong Kong.

Health Education Campaign

Interactors and Junioractors will be invited to have a tour to the firefighter training facility, Fire and Ambulance Services Academy. This is a good opportunity to learn more about the professional and diversified training for firefighting and rescue operations.

Care the Caregivers

Caring for someone with dementia can be challenging and stressful as a caregiver. Support and care can be conveyed to caregivers by buddy sharing and activities, hoping to give them a break and manage their level of stress.