Rotary Club of HK Island West

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Provide training on language skills, teaching methods, and eLearning concepts and tools to rural educators in China.





Co-operating Organization

Shin Shin Educational Foundation

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Direct impact 63
2,500+ every year

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Project Description

In summer 2016, a vocational training team (VTT), consisting of 1 Rotarian leader and 6 educators, provided English training to 80 rural teachers in Lanzhou, China. The training lasted 2 weeks, from July 18 to July 29. After the training, each trainee was given 20 VTT-selected English books, as supplemental teaching materials. The books also became part of the book collection in trainee’s school. By the end of 2016, three e-learning computer labs were established at 3 Shin Shin schools. The Computer Labs provided further learning platform for teachers and students.