Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar

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  1. Allow one preschool/kindergarten to expand, becoming a community center for Rashaant Bagh.
  2. Improve its facilities by providing additional access to potable water connections, introduce school gardens, and drainage systems, making them safer and more inviting for its students, increasing capacity, and welcoming all neighborhood children and residents in tandem with the school’s hours and needs.


September 2017



Co-operating Organization

CICM Missionaries

Project Amount (US$):


Number of Beneficiaries:

Directly impact 146
100 – 499 every month

Location of Project:


Number of Rotary Family volunteered:

Around 35 Rotary Clubs and 80 Rotary Families

Project Description

  1. We have installed water pipes to connect two buildings to the City water system because these buildings contain classrooms, school kitchen and school library but without any water services. After installation, there is no need to go to two other buildings already connected to potable City water. The beneficiary will be responsible for maintaining these pipes and the water quality will also be tested to ensure it’s safe for drinking.
  2. We have established an “Edible Schoolyard” garden following the Berkeley, Calif. USA chef Alice Waters’ “Edible Schoolyard Project” guidelines. It will be a sustainable garden based on the theory that we start small & add to the garden little by little through learning from experience.
  3. Land-grading and landscaping have also been carried out to address water drainage and soil erosion issues. The Water Drainage work will create safe school grounds and stop soil erosion.
  4. We have also conducted Montessori Math professional development classes for teachers, as well as sewing and personal development classes for parents.