Dear fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors,

September is a busy month in the District as we kick off DG Visits and a range of District activities. Unfortunately, I was confirmed COVID on the first day of September and had to isolate at home for 10 days. Thanks to technology, I could still carry out my duty through online meetings. More unfortunate was my mother’s critical medical conditions that required me to go on an urgent trip to Boston, USA. My mother passed away on September 11th and I stayed with my family during the mourning period for two weeks. I am grateful to be back to Hong Kong on September 27th without the need for hotel quarantine and able to get back to District activities right after I landed.

During the trip, I took the opportunity to visit Rotary Club of Cambridge. Rotary Club of Cambridge is a well-established club which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary next year. Two of the current members were indeed Rotarians in our District – President Yolanda Li who was a Rotarian of Rotary Club of Peninsula Sunrise and a Group Study Exchange participant to Brazil in Rotary Year 2009-2010, and Rotarian York Lo who was a member of HK South.

9月份是地區忙碌的一個月份: 地區總監探訪啟動了, 同時地區許多的活動也開展了。 我卻在9月1日確診新冠肺炎而必須留家隔離。幸好科技讓我可以在隔離的日子裡仍然與地區團隊和各扶輪社繼續開會。由於我在美國波士頓的母親病重, 隔離完畢後我立刻動身到美國, 可惜她於9月11日與世長辭。我留在美國兩週與家人悼念我的母親 , 之後在9月27日返港。返港時酒店隔離的政策已經撤銷, 因此我能夠立刻投入地區的工作中。

我逗留美國的期間探訪了歷史悠久的Rotary Club of Cambridge, 明年他們將慶祝100週年。社員當中有兩位曾經是我們地區的社員: President Yolanda Li 曾是扶輪年度2009-2010 到巴西的Group Study Exchange 成員, 也是Rotary Club of Peninsula Sunrise 的前社友; 而Rotarian York Lo則是Rotary Club of Hong Kong South 的前社友。

After Boston, I went on to visit my daughter in Tucson Arizona where I had my first physical encounter with one of my DG classmates, DG Anita McDonald of District 5500. I also attended their District Conference and many Rotarians and Rotaractors of District 5500, among which RI President Personal Representative Rotaractor Jeris Gaston.

此程我也去了亞利桑那州的圖森 (Tucson) 去探望我的女兒。在那裡我終於第一次與我的同屆DG見面 – 這是5500地區的DG Anita McDonald。我更有幸參加了他們的地區年會, 並認識了多名扶輪社友及扶青社友, 今年的RI President Personal Representative Rotaractor Jeris Gaston 就是一名扶青社友。

Back in our District, there are a number of exciting developments. Firstly, I am glad to report that VRE is in full force. A number of clubs are engaging the sister clubs to start a VRE program and they are committed to recruiting qualified youths to join the program. Secondly, we have quickly created the Hong Kong Student Service Ambassador Award Program with the support of three Government Bureaus and many organizations. I believe that this will be a significant District project this year.

I shall resume physical visits to Rotary Clubs in our District next month. I am looking forward to meeting Rotarians in our District and learn more about what each club has in plan. See you very soon!

我們的地區在這個扶輪年度開展了短短幾個月後, 就在幾個方面取得了很大發展。首先是VRE (Virtual Rotary Exchange) , 地區內有多個扶輪社已經與我們的姊妹社取得共識開展VRE 項目, 招募有志青年參加。其次是地區的新項目: 香港傑出學生服務大使獎勵計劃 。此計劃得到社會的廣泛認同, 獲得三個政府部門及多個機構鼎力支持, 將會是我們這個年度的一個重要項目。

在10月份, 我將重新投入地區工作, 也會親身探訪地區的扶輪社, 能夠與社友交流, 並了解各社今年的計劃是我所期待的!

Norman Lee

2022 -23 District Governor
Rotary International District 3450