BY PDG ADA CHENG, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair

Welcome to the new Rotary year with a new Presidential Initiative on DEI. It gives me great pleasure to be the Chair of the first ever District DEI Committee for the Rotary Year 2022-2023 and working with a team of dedicated Committee Members with diverse background and experience.

The District DEI Committee has five key focuses to advance Rotary’s commitment to DEI.

  • Creating more awareness and understanding on DEI in our District
  • Engaging Rotarians in DEI conversations at Clubs and the District
  • Promoting training and events that bring awareness of Rotary’s DEI initiative to our clubs
  • Renewing and developing best practices in policy that echo our DEI commitments and to make our District and Clubs more welcoming, inclusive, and appreciative of each other
  • Encouraging clubs to grow and better reflect the communities we serve and to be inclusive of all cultures, experience and identities

Diversity is one of Rotary’s longstanding core values and greatest strengths. RI President Jennifer Jones knows there is more to be done to ensure Rotary’s culture exemplifies the values of DEI. Our commitment to DEI is strengthened further by placing a greater focus on celebrating every individual’s contributions, advancing equity, and creating a more welcoming and inclusive culture.

Please click on the link below to watch what RI President Jennifer Jones hopes to accomplish with the Presidential Initiative – Advancing Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

President Jennifer Jones encourages each of us to do our part to ensure Rotary is a welcoming and inclusive community by:

  1. Learning more about DEI in Rotary, including understanding their définitions and how to celebrate and respect our differences.
  2. Determining why DEI matters to our club and community and how using DEI principles can help our club grow and become stronger
  3. Raising awareness of DEI, including creating a DEI committee in your club that reflects the demographics of your community.
  4. Taking action on DEI in our club and community for instance educating yourself about underrepresented groups in your community in order to become a more knowledgeable and effective advocate for DEI.

Call for Action from Clubs to promote DEI

  • Create a Club DEI committee.
  • Invite local DEI experts to speak to your club
  • Connect with local organizations that support DEI efforts, and work with them on projects or events
  • Seek out new voices when you are making appointments and encourage people who have been underrepresented in these roles to take on leadership positions.
  • Hold conversations about DEI in your club
  • Encourage club members to take the Building a Diverse Club course in the RI online Learning Center to learn more about DEI

Meet The Team

At Rotary, we’re committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect, allowing everyone’s voice to be heard, and providing equitable opportunities for fellowship, service, and leadership.

Mark Your Calendar

At Rotary, we’re committed to treating everyone with
dignity and respect, allowing everyone’s voice
to be heard, and providing equitable opportunities
for fellowship, service, and leadership.


  1. Read DEI Presidential Brochure
  2. Meet the DEI Task Force
  3. Read Our Commitment Statement on DEI
  4. Read DEI Code of Conduct
  5. Read Rotary’s Framework for DEI
  6. View a Snapshot of DEI at Rotary
  7. Read DEI Terms and Explanations
  8. Use ‘Diversifying Your Club assessment’ to create a member of diversity and inclusion plan

Visit RI DEI Web Page at

Expand your knowledge by taking courses available in the Learning Center

Online Center – “Professional Development”

DEI Basics – 4 courses (Total duration: 1 hr 5m)

  • Committing to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (15m)
  • Preventing and Addressing Harassment (45m)
  • Microaggressions (15m)
  • Uncovering Unconscious Bias (30m)

DEI Intermediate – 4 courses (Total duration: 1 hr 5m)

  • Leading Change (30m)
  • Creating an Inclusive Club Culture (15m)
  • Diversify Your Club (45m)
  • Building Consensus (15m)

DEI Webinar Series – 6 courses (Total duration: 4h 43m)

  • Design an Inclusive Plan for Your Organization (55m)
  • The Power of Connection with Diverse Communities (45m)
  • Building a Welcoming Community for People with Disabilities (55m)
  • Building Strong Intergenerational Relationships (55m)
  • Exploring the Black Experience in Rotary (15m)
  • Planning for an Inclusive Future (58m)

Join a Rotary discussion group about a DEI-related topic: