Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar

Global Grant number:



  1. Allow 1 preschool/kindergarten to expand and become a community centre for Rashaant Bagh and neighbouring communities
  2. Provide teachers education classes and special education programs designed for neighbourhood adults.


September 2017


August 2019

Co-operating Organization:

CICM Missionaries

Project Amount (US$):


Number of Beneficiaries:


Location of Project:


Number of Rotary family volunteered:

Eight (PAG Delgertsoo, PAG Ganzorig, PAG Munkhjargal, Erdenet satellite club potential members)

Project Description:

GG1633878 aimed to further strengthen the existing infrastructure of My Home kindergarten run by CICM Missionaries, teacher capability and provide lifeskills for parents whose children are enrolled in the kindergarten. The project had four key focus areas:

  • Schoolyard
  • Drainage system
  • Teacher training
  • Adult sewing class

The kindergarten serves the underprivileged community in Erdenet city where income gap is high due to high-paid salaries in local mine. While installing drainage system and upgrading schoolyard enabling them to plant vegetables for their own need, project provided international-standard training methods for the teachers. Through the project parents received sewing classes and sewing machines – ensuring families would achieve sustainable income.