By PDG Belinda Yeung, JP, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour

February  is Peace and Conflict Prevention Month

Happy Chinese New Year to you! Wish you and your love ones a very wonderful Year of the Rabbit.

The month of February is especially noteworthy in the Rotary calendar because it includes the anniversary of Rotary’s inaugural meeting, which was held on February 23, 1905, and is now known as World Understanding and Peace Day.

Over the past ten years, Rotary’s Peace Centres in universities around the world have chosen and trained 1,000 professionals. Now, they work for peace in more than 100 different countries. In this newsletter, we are focusing on our roles in promoting peace and an introduction of Rotary Peace Fellows.

We don’t want conflict to be a normal part of our lives.  So, as Rotary Leaders, we empower stakeholders to learn how to prevent and mediate conflict at its source. Rotary peace-related service  projects include projects that offer training that helps people understand each other and gives communities the tools they need to solve problems.

Let’s join together to celebrate the commitment we have to Peace and Conflict Prevention!

Rotary’s Four Roles in Promoting Peace:

Rotary and its members are:

  1. Practitioners: The work we do to fight disease, provide clean water and sanitation, improve the health of mothers and children, support education, and grow local economies directly creates the best conditions for peaceful societies.
  2. Educators: Our Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,300 peace fellows to be effective peacemakers in government, education, and international organizations through their careers.
  3. Mediators: our members have worked to stop fighting in conflict zones so that children who are at risk of getting polio can get vaccinated.
  4. Advocates: Our members play a key role as respected, unbiased participants in peace processes and in rebuilding after a war. We focus on making and bringing together groups and communities that are connected, welcoming, and strong.

Who are the Rotary Peace Fellows?

Rotary Peace Fellows are an incredible group of individuals who are devoted to making the world a better place. Rotary Peace Fellows are dedicated to working for peace and conflict resolution around the world. They come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of skills, including diplomacy, international relations, and development.

Rotary Peace Fellows are supported by the Rotary Foundation, which provides financial assistance and guidance in their work. These fellows come from all over the world and have the opportunity to experience different cultures, gain practical experience in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, and develop the skills necessary to make the world a better place.

Rotary Peace Fellows embody Rotary’s vision for peace by dedicating their lives to helping others. They are an inspiration to us all, and we are proud to support them in their efforts to create a more peaceful and just world.

The commitment of Rotary Peace Fellows to peacebuilding and conflict resolution is remarkable. Their work is making a great impact in the world and we are proud to support them through the Rotary Foundation.

We hope this overview of Rotary Peace Fellows has inspired you to learn more about them and how you can help support their efforts. Together, we can make a difference in the world.

For more information please follow: Rotary Peace Fellowships

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